Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As a very private individual, I have no desire to produce a blog.

However, as an Information Professional, I recognize the value of blogs, and other Web 2.0 tools, to market your library and publicize your services.

The exercises for the 13 Things Class, sponsored by the NN/LM, fulfill one of the 7 and 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners - Use Technology to Your Advantage.


  1. Hi from Omaha, Kitty. I agree - blogs can be too 'open'. My library blog isn't too open (I don't think) - I try to write things I would want to stand behind in 20 years-or next Tuesday.
    I am glad we are in the class together. I look forward to sharing more activities together as the class progresses! -Teri

  2. Hi Kitty. Blogs are not for everyone. I,too, am not interested in producing a personal blog, but remaining technologically current is of interest to me. If I were a writer, a blog would be a great outlet.